The Poetry of Mortality

In literature on December 17, 2007 at 8:07 am

A friend of mine recently said, to the ultimate questions in Life, only Art can provide the answers.

Death is the ultimate question we all have to confront. Many great literary works have been created in attempt to cope with the fear of Death.

I find quite moving, therefore this tribute to the Swedish poet and writer, Siv Cedering who has just died of cancer.

CRITICAL MASS: A Tribute and a Celebration: Siv Cedering’s Last Book,”Vixen”

Jane Ciabattari who penned the tribute, fashioned a poem from a voice mail that Siv Cedering left for her, informing her that she has a relapse of cancer.


Hi darling friend, it’s me.

I don’t know what you’ve heard…

So I’m reluctant…

To tell you…

I have bad news…

The cancer is back.

It’s not good.

I’m sorry.

Whatever you’re doing today, have fun.

Orioles are everywhere. Can you hear them?

I’m back, at home.

It would be great to see you.

Call me. I love you.

Write a beautiful poem.

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Powered by ScribeFire.


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