Reflections of An Inapt Blogger:Lessons from the MacBook Air

In future of media on January 17, 2008 at 3:52 pm

It is confession time: I am a newbie blogger aka traditional filmmaker with an active lust for Apple’s new ultra thin laptop, MacBook Air.

Like many people in the media industry, I suffer from Mac snobbery,defined as “irrational belief in the superiority of Apple computers.” As I recently scoffed to a friend, ” I won’t be caught dead with a Dell computer!”

So it is, that I followed with bated breath online, the keynote address of Steve Jobs at Macworld 2008, as he pulled the bunny from his top hat, or I should say, the slim and sexy MacBook Air from a manila envelope.

MacBook Air

But the unveiling of MacBook also brought unexpected lessons for a bumbling blogger like me. With 7000 blog posts about the MacBook Air in less than 24 hours, how do you write in a way that will separate you from the teeming masses of bloggers?

I found some answers in this Problogger’s entry on 5 Ways to Stand Out From the Crowd When Covering a Popular Story:

How to Stand Make Your Blog Posts Stand Out From the Rest – Lessons from the MacBook Air

I like especially #2 Translate for Your Audience — tell them what it all means for them
and #4 Use Humor.

This blog entry is my stab at #4 Use Humor.

Will my blog entry stand out from all the other blog posts about the MacBook Air? Or will it become one drop in the vast ocean of blog entries thus far?

My guess is the latter.

Hence, if I might add point #6 as an addendum to the Problogger’s advice — one way to make a blog stand out is to stay away from madding crowd and write only about the things you are uniquely passionate about.

Such passion would also be another form of madness, but at least it would be a madness about matters close to your heart.

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