Second Skin: Documentary About Virtual World

In filmmaking, raves on February 6, 2008 at 1:43 pm

I have never been on Second Life so I have no idea what it means to inhabit larger than life personae in the virtual world.

Nonetheless, I am fascinated by this space in which everyone gets to place at being a comic book superhero.
What a fascinating topic for a documentary film and I am so glad someone has just made one!

Trailer for documentary about virtual worlds – Boing Boing

Check out the trailer for “Second Skin” , a documentary about the virtual world and the gamers who ‘live’ in them. You can also go to the official film website here.

There are so many ways to look at the virtual lives that people have created for themselves online.

It is the stuff of Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, Technology and Literature.

Perhaps the virtual world is like a mirror that reflect and refract our true selves.


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