Short Shorts For Sale Online — 2 bucks each

In filmmaking, future of media on February 25, 2008 at 1:21 pm

The online demand for short films has been growing and growing.

While indie features continue to struggle to find distribution, short film makers have a better chance of making some cash by putting their films on sale via iTunes, Xbox, and Netflix.

A recent entry at the Circuit Blog at notes the irony of the situation — short filmmakers at Sundance 2008 may do better financially than their feature film counterparts.

The Circuit – Blog on – 1390000339

The key reason for this: bandwidth. Greater bandwidth and faster internet access has turned the Web into a viable distribution system for short films.

Films in the “under 10 minute” category also play well to the internet audience, notorious for having the attention span of a flea.

In response, a slew of online film festivals have sprung up, trying to capitalize on the opportunity of Internet distribution:

  • Babelgum Online Film Festival — This short film festival, championed by Spike Lee, has received considerable media attention.

Selected works will also be aired on a internet TV channel called the Babelgum Channel

  • Pangea Day Festival

Do you have a short film that stands for social change? Pangea Day Festival is the place for you.
It is backed by Participant Productions, the same people behind the films, An Inconvenient Truth and

Closer to home, specialized short film distributors such as, Objectifs Films, have carved a niche by bringing Asian short films to a global audience.

In the age of viral video and online short film festivals, film makers have to be ever more succinct.

If you have a film that will change the world, make sure it is under 5 minutes.

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