Ju Ming Tai Chi Series Cookies

In filmmaking, raves on March 1, 2008 at 1:44 pm

A few years ago, I had the pleasure of directing the biography of Taiwanese sculptor Ju Ming.

He is best known for his quirky Living World Series and the monumental Tai Chi Series.

In the process of filming the documentary, I fell in love with the wonderful space that is the Ju Ming museum, an open air sculpture park dedicated to the exhibition of Ju’s works.

Taichi Sculpture, Ju Ming Museum

Hence, I am a little ticked but nonetheless very delighted to see that the museum has launched a new product.

I call it Taichi series 2.0 — cookies cast in the shape of the famous sculptures.


It is thus with great satisfaction that I can finally lay claim to having an entry on “Chinese food” on my blog, right along my musings about ‘Chinese documentary film’, ‘China’s urban life’, ‘Chinese internet.’

  1. Last month I had the pleasure of visiting the Ju Ming museum. It was eyrie and curiously satisfying to talk about the ancient art of Tai Chi while standing before his statues representing numerous poses.

    Chris Laughary
    Nashville, TN, USA

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