Crossings:Ju Ming

Sculptor Ju Ming hard at work

I directed this biography of the famous Taiwanese sculptor, Ju Ming as part of Discovery Channel International’s Crossings series.

Ju Ming is celebrated as one of the greatest Chinese sculptors living today.
From his energetic
Taichi series to his playful Living World
sculptures, Ju Ming has made what is quinessentially Chinese
universal. But no one, least of all, Ju Ming himself, saw what was written
in his destiny. Born into a poor family in the backwaters of Miaoli county,
Ju Ming could have remained a carver all his life. Instead, Ju Ming
engineered his own artistic quantum leaps. He first apprenticed
himself to modern Taiwanese sculptor, Yuyu Yang

and later set off for New York city seeking a personal artistic
renaissance. For 12 years, he worked on his largest piece and most
demanding piece of work to date – a sculpture park and museum that
spans 11 hectares of land. The opening of the Ju Ming Museum in Taiwan
in 1999 seals his living legacy to Taiwan and the world at large.

If you ever find yourself in Taiwan, be sure to check out the marvelous outdoor sculpture museum that Ju Ming has built.

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